Larry Robertson

This is a melody that was taught to me back around 1965. I have never forgotten it, It is stuck in my mind. I was told the title is "She's Gone Forever"

This is a Song recorded by Skeeter Davis around 1962. I found the chord progression interesting so I thought it would sound good on steel guitar.

​​Zig Zag is something I composed with a swing style. It only uses a few chords, but they are all typical of 40' swing jazz. Could be a tv/movie theme tune.

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  • Over The Rainbow & Wonderful W4:53

This is a tune I wrote for guitar. As with the other music on the site, I arranged and played all the parts.

Hot Blue is a new tune. I wanted a quiet bluesy tune that has an energy to the chorus.

Inspired by a Hawiian singer nick named IZ. (real name is Isreal  Kamakawiwo'ole.  He is a wonderful singer. I am not, so I put it into steel guitar format. I used his almost reggae rhythm for the groove.

  • Zig Zag1:41

  • The End Of The World3:19

  • She's Gone Forever3:55

  • Chasin' The Money2:49

  • Hot Blue3:47

Here's a rockin' piano tune with a New Orleans style left hand boogie part.

I first heard this tune done by the great Buddy Emmons on steel guitar with no accompaniment. I started to learn it but somehow lost the file I had downloaded. While looking for it on the internet I discovered that it does have words and is actually a quite old Celtic ballad recorded by at least six groups. I used a combination of the various recordings for a chord progression backing the steel with piano and acoustic guitar.

  • Tell Willie3:58

  • Wild Mountain Thyme2:36