We all love The Beatles, so y'all know this this song. They loved the Rockabilly sound and this is a great example. Played on my Carter Universal 12 pedal steel

Rockytop might be the most widely known bluegrass tune of all time. I changed the beat around so it would be a little different.

Another original tune of mine.

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  • J Walkin3:48

A classic 1940's era standard jazz tune. I really like the chord progression

  • 2:29

  • Girl From Ipanema3:05

 Girl From Ipanema: Has been a favorite tune since it came out in the 1970's.  Interesting chord progression and a good example of composer Carlo Jobean's latin jazz of the era.

Larry Robertson

  • Rockytop2:08

  • Michelle2:37

Jimi Hendrix did this with words, but I think the chord progression is so beautiful that I thought it would be worth recording as an instrumental.

  • Georgia3:26

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  • Swangin'3:11

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Another melodic Beatles tune​. Recorded on my Emmons push/pull Universal 12 tuning.

  • Little Wing3:02

Swangin' is an instumental that I composed and played on my homebuilt lap steel.  I have always liked the swing shuffle beats of the 1940's and '50's big bands, so here is one of mine in that style.